At BANK15 we are always looking to create more spaces, so we can help more creators and let more people participate! Besides our programmes and events in different places, we are located at these locations:


Old fashioned cosy and full of creators. Creative creators get the opportunity to do a take-over, to exhibit, to organise events and meetings. In addition, entrepreneurs in the food sector will be given the opportunity to test their concept in the Brandstof kitchen. Click on the image to read more about the Hub in Breda.

It is the place to further develop skills, come into contact with the public and learn from other creators and experts. For makers it is an unique opportunity to work in an institute like the TextielMuseum. Click on the image to read more about the BANK15 in residence at the TextielMuseum.

Tilburg, the place where we started and where the trust in BANK15 was born, the city where we will always be. From here we make our plans and think about the future of BANK15.