A programme aimed at creative makers and it lands for the first time in the TextielMuseum. Talent development is a great thing and exactly what connects BANK15 and the TextielMuseum. We facilitate this for textile artists, designers and students, BANK15 does this in the field of art, culture, food and music', says Errol van de Werdt, director of the TextielMuseum.'We think it’s important that young and creative makers develop their full potential and offer them, together with BANK15, the space to work on their development'. Jerry Opier, owner of BANK15 adds: 'Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced, and for textile makers the environment of the TextielMuseum is the perfect place to gain experience. 


It is the place to further develop skills, to come into contact with the public and to learn from other makers and experts. It is a unique opportunity for makers to work in an institute like the TextielMuseum. In addition to the programme in the residence, BANK15 and the TextielMuseum support makers by organising events with professionals from the field.